Our Students, Their Success 

You can see Tonya smiling because she was accepted into her high-school of choice after she scored in the 98th percentile of the Upper Level ISEE. Before RSK, Tonya struggled with test anxiety and was never able to finish an exam with the allotted time. With her dedication and our knowledge, we were able to completely turn her anxiety around and got her test average from a 5 to an 8.  

Meet Jeff. Jeff struggled mightily on the English section of the SAT while scoring near perfect on the other sections. With his aspirations to attend an elite university, we worked closed with Jeff to understand where his weaknesses were. Using our 7 step program, we were able to pinpoint where his mistakes were coming from, make the corrections, and helped him score a 760 on the section! Jeff is now proudly a Columbia University Lion

Doesn't everyone just dread Organic Chemistry? Nisha did until recently. Though a 4.0 student, Orgo was giving Nisha the runaround. She was having difficulty seeing things in 3D and understanding how theories applied to the images. After an intensive 4 week program with RSK, Nisha scored top of her class on her midterm and carried the study methods we unlocked in her all the way to where she is now: Harvard Med School. We can't wait to see Nisha become a leading doctor soon.

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